Designed by Backdoor Market and further on realized with the craftsmanship of Ro Studio, for our newest drop, we did a unique collaboration with the powerful & sharp jewelry makers from Ro Studio to come up with a few special silverware pieces in our collection. What started out just as an afterthought from a brief conversation manifested itself in beautiful silver jewels that honor and simultaneously bring together the craftsmanship of passionate professionals & visualizations and ideas of a streetwear movement.

Ro Studio is a duo from Latvia who produce, refine and create elegant wearable silver jewelry pieces, ones that are sensual and vigorous. In their cooperation with Backdoor Market, they have managed to create jewelry that comes with a distinct charm and appeal, that is able to inhibit a sentimental value and a design not found anywhere else. A collaboration like no other, it puts upfront the versatility of silver metal, its durability for everyday wear and capacity to maintain appearance over a long period of time.

CR: Luiza Kohtanen @Luiiza
Photos : Vitalij Mihnonok @pinkgoldlemonade
Editing: Beate Tama @beatitite